Multan - Highly charged on recent increase in electricity prices, the citizens and traders held a joint demonstration to denounce government for what they described as dropping “electricity bomb” on the masses here on Thursday.
Dozens of protesters gathered in Gulgasht areas under the leadership of trader leader Arif Faseehullah and staged the demo. They burnt electricity bills and carried out non-stop sloganeering against the government.
Speaking on the occasion, Arif Faseehullah, Arshad Raza, Naved Zafar, Shoaib Waheed and others said that prolonged power outages had already ruined the businesses and the fresh increase in electricity prices would prove last nail in the coffin economy. They maintained that the government was bent upon committing financial murder of traders. They demanded the government to immediately withdraw the hike in electricity tariff otherwise the gamut of protests would be extended to entire country.