The world remains a silent spectator on the genocide of Muslims in Burma. Both India and Bangladesh are reluctant to help the suffering humanity who are being targeted in a country whose supreme leader is a recipient of Nobel peace prize, I wish Suu Kyi had moral ethics to surrender her Noble honor over her cruel ignorance. It’s a matter of shame and disgrace for all the Muslim countries for being a salient spectacle. Before Bangladesh deported refugee migrants from its borders, India not only threatened to deport refugees despite being registered with the UNHCR, but instigated neighboring states by calling the inflow of refugees a security threat” It’s a matter of shame for both Bangladesh and India because they have forgotten their own history when in 1971 Millions of Bengali refugees took refuge in India from than East Pakistan, while India took full advantage of those so called refugees and collected Billions of Dollars in their name and later trained them in the war fare, as Mukti Bhani to fight along with Indian army with the Pakistani forces, which resulted in the fall of Decca and Bangladesh appeared on the map of the world.

In the words of Yasmin Saika in her book , “Women, war and making of Bangladesh” “The ethnic war transformed the Biharis from citizens into stateless refugees; and gender violence destroyed the very fabric of society creating multi marginal communities of absent subjects in post liberated Bangladesh”

The Beharis now being called stranded Pakistanis in 1947 along with the Bengali population had the major share in the success of Muslim League . The election results of 1937 clearly speak of the role played by the Province of than Bengal. The following shows the complete election results for the Muslim League.


Madras                 28           11           39,

Bombay               39           20           51,

Bengal 119         37           31,

UP          64           27           43,

Punjab 86           01           1.1,

Assam   34,          -                              -

NWFP   36,          -                              -

Sindh     36           -                              -

The organizations Al-Badar and Al-Shams, the members of which were mostly Beharis were created by the agencies of than united Pakistan to counter Mukti Bhani and Biharis without fearing their lives bravely fought for Pakistan and in return they were disowned by the same state. After the surrender of December 16,1971, the armed forces personal and the civil servants were shifted to the Indian POW camps under the supervision of Red cross , while the Biharis were left at the mercy of the Mukti Bhani. These Brave , bold, fearless heroic and gallant people still every day raise Pakistani flag ,sing Pakistan’s national anthem and proudly call themselves Pakistani. It is hoped that the civil society, media and humanity loving people of Pakistan will raise this issue at all forums, till the stateless people get an identity and a country of their own.

AAMIR AQIL, Lahore, September 7.