Prime Minister Imran Khan will soon arrive in the United States and will highlight the situation in occupied Kashmir at the UN General Assembly in New York from September 21-27 and other forums.

While the Foreign Office (FO) said the prime minister would hold several bilateral meetings with his “counterparts from various regions and participate in high-level UN summits on climate change, sustainable development, universal health coverage and financing for development”, Kashmir will undoubtedly be his main focus and will dominate the bulk of his engagements.

The Prime Minister, the FO and the Foreign Ministry under Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, have been relentless in raising the Kashmir issue in international forums and making sure the Indian army’s atrocities are highlighted across the world. However the address in the General Assembly will be the most visible and most important speech yet. With the world watching, the Prime Minister will have to ensure that he uses the limited time that he has up on the dais to drive home the injustice being meted out to the Kashmiri people. It is hoped that the Pakistani delegation is well prepared for the task ahead.

The various nations of the world are not the only stakeholders that the Prime Minister needs to rouse into action. The United Nations, which is a party in the dispute between Pakistan and India, has already passed resolutions on the matter, and aspires to be the world’s foremost peace-building multi-lateral body, must be shaken out of is apathy too. The world’s watch-dogs on human rights and injustice have been found lacking, and it is important that Imran Khan reminds them of their duty.

Beyond the speech there is much that needs to be done behind the scene. Sessions in the UN are disproportionately impacted by back-door diplomacy, and this is where the Pakistani government has lagged behind of late. Now is the time for the FO to pick up the slack