As being humans, we all have stereotypes about people, genders, cultures and nations and this is perfectly fine because it is the human nature, but putting efforts to break these stereotypes is the very perspective to make this world better place to live with harmony.

I’m a Pakistani exchange student, I’m living with an American host family in Indiana, I go to church with my host family every Sunday, I observe the Christian way of practicing religion, but I am Muslim. I recite Al-Quran, but I have also read and listened the stories and chapters of Bible. I make Pakistani dish for my host family, but I have also tried the American cuisine.

It has almost been a month since I got in the United States of America and I all can say about America and the American people is ,’They are the sweetest, kind and most welcoming people, I ever met in my life.’ And my host parents say, “Pakistan and Pakistani people are the most amazing and loving people, they have ever met in their lives.”

Through all these stories, all I want to convey is no one in the world is good or bad, but we all are different. The only way to know people and breaking stereotypes is exploring and discovering.

We, human should never spend the rest of our lives just labelling people according to our perspectives, but research about the facts and realities and this will make a big influence.

Precisingly, there is no good no bad, just different and that is what makes the world as a whole unique place to live.