After the Scotland Yard handed over evidence regarding former MQM leader Imran Farooq’s murder to Pakistan, 4 days prior, law enforcement agencies of Pakistan will now probe former governor of Sindh, Ishratul Ibad in relation to the crime.

Scotland Yard had agreed to let the case be investigated and trialed in Pakistan due to its roots being traced back to the country of origin.

All the names found involved in some capacity with the nefarious deed have been handed over to Pakistan’s law enforcement agency, the former governor is one of the names on the extensive list.

MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq was killed by unidentified men outside his North London house on September 16, 2009. A key suspect in the murder case of Dr Farooq case, Khalid Shamin in a confession statement made to the Pakistani law enforcement officials claimed that the party founder gave him directions to assassinate Farooq in a telephonic speech to party workers in Karachi.

In 1978, Farooq helped established the APMSO. When in 1984, the APMSO gave birth to the Mohajir Quami Movement (MQM), Farooq served as its first Secretary-General and Convener.

The former governor has also been named in the Baldia Town factory incident where 289 people died and 600 were seriously injured.