Kashmir issue is the bone of contention between Pakistan and India. After creation of Pakistan two states remained clash on the issue of Kashmir and line of control loc. Gulab Heri sang Mahraja purchased beautiful piece in Rs. 7500000 lak it means 7.5 million from British government.

He was pure Hindu Dogra Raj and favoured Hindu community. Indian government send army forces and occupied Kashmir. Indian government abolished 370 article and passed. This is totally ruthless and baseless attitude of Indian government with Kashmiri people. They have snatched and suppressed rights of the Kashmiri people. Thousand lives martyred for the purpose of freedom. When PM Pakistan visited America and President of America realised that Kashmir issue should be resolved. After this statement India showed aggressive attitude and further troop send to Kashmir. Yesterday On the PM call of the to regard the protest to show solidarity and unity with Kashimiri people. Overall in Pakistan and Sindh is the protesting and demand to resolve Kashmir issue on the plate form of UNO and organizations of human rights. stop the violence, murder, sexual harassment and homeless.

Now day by day worse condition in Kashmir people dying due to medicine, food and basic needs. Kashmiri people want to freedom only freedom. They have right to get freedom but modi government continuously spreading violence in Kashmir. Yesterday Government Sachal Sarmast Degree College Ranipur participated and draw rally for the solidarity and unity. Large numbers of students and teachers in the supervision Muhammad Athar Hinjrah marched and went at main Road for recoded the protest.

Being a humanity Indian government why spreading and murdering people of Kashmir. In the South Asia raised tension due to issue of Kashmir between Pakistan and India. In the past India defeated in 1965, 1971 and in Kargil 1999 from Pakistan. Pakistan want to peace in South region and peaceful dialogue with India in the light of human rights. As soon as possible should be resolve issue of Kashmir. This is humanity losses and violence.


Khairpur Mirs.