Islamabad    -   Pakistan Citizen Portal – conceived, developed and introduced by the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan as integrated citizens’ grievances redressal system connecting all government organisations across Pakistan – is faltering to serve the purpose.

The system launched in November 2018 to serve as carrier of complaints and as complementary channel between citizen and government is believed to have fully achieved the desired results for various reasons.

Top most among these factors is the slow process of resolving the complaints leading to either forceful withdrawal of complaints through the in-built system or pending the complaints without resolution.

Many complainants have blamed the app used by the system as full of flaws, giving total freedom to the concerned officers and the departments for deliberately misleading comments and status updates, thus leaving the issue unresolved. 

They say that this is most probably because of the lack of proper check and balance system. Blaming the system’s app, the complaints say that it does not allow registration of new complaints because the province selection shows no options to complete registration. Secondly, developers hardly have time for any queries/views posted which leaves the complaint unresolved.

A citizen who registered his complaint Code: KP170819-4159928 on August 18 for demarcation of his inherited ancestral land in Haripur district is still running from pillar to post to get the orders issued by the Deputy Commissioner 9 months ago implemented.

The deputy commissioner had issued directives to Tehsildar Haripur on January 23. However, the matter remained pending because of long drawn strike by ‘patwaris’ in the province, and eventually tehsildar was able to assign the task to one of his juniors on March 3. His ordeal did not end until he finally lodged his complaint Code: KP170819-4159928 for redressal of his grievance but to no avail till now.

According to him, the demarcation process had not been initiated by concerned revenue department officials and they were giving him date after date but there was no monitoring system available to remedy the situation.

The complaints have demanded Prime Minister’s intervention by ordering the interior minister to check with the help of the FIA as to what is ailing the Citizen Portal which the Prime Minister had promised to facilitate the citizens in redressal of their grievances by making government departments accountable.