LAHORE - Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Ch Shujaat Hussain in his reaction to Nawaz Sharif’s speech has said that Nawaz Sharif taken up fight with the army and weakened the institutions every time he came into power.

In a press statement, the PML chief said that as the prime minister he should have created national stability, solidarity and national security instead of maligning the country’s institutions.

He said that Mian Nawaz Sharif targeted the army instead of politicians. He said it was evident from the substance of his speech that he was against the army and not the politicians. “The advisors who wrote his speech and got it delivered had once again hit Nawaz Sharif on his feet”, he remarked.

Ch Shujaat Hussain said that Nawaz Sharif in his speech mentioned about rigging but forgot to mention rigging done in his favour. “Nawaz Sharif said that the country has been turned into a laboratory whereas he himself had laid the foundation of this laboratory in 1990 elections and he himself had announced the result at 12:00 noon the Election Commission announced the results in the evening”, he said, adding that at that time it was Nawaz Sharif who had requested the Election Commission that the army should assume responsibility for the election. “The army was good at that time and now it has become bad”, he said in a sarcastic comment.

Shujaat further alleged that Nawaz Sharif accused the institutions of hijacking the election whereas he had himself done this work for becoming the prime minister in the past. “Nawaz Sharif should have thought before talking about the Chairman that he himself had nominated him”, he added. The PML chief said that decisions are not to be taken by Nawaz Sharif but by the people and now the people will not accept decisions of dishonesty again.