This is apropos the news item ‘A mother’s disability’ published in a section of the press (Jul-26).

It was reported that the Supreme Court has taken up the case of a disabled woman fighting for the custody of her child in Peshawar; I believe it has done so rightly.

Haven’t we learnt (in biology) that there is a strong physical attachment and (in sociology) that there is a deeply emotive attachment between a mother and her child? This bond is a perennial one, outlasting even the most adverse conditions or circumstances of either party.

Haven’t we come across perfectly normal parents who are parenting a disabled child? This implies the converse is true as well. In this instant case, the Hon. Supreme Court judges have ordered that the child be handed over to his mother within a week. It is hoped that the government will support the lady in question with a respectable job or a stipend from the Ehsaas Welfare Program so she can manage her duties satisfactorily.

I am sure that this evolving test case could turn out to be one of the great human rights achievements of our government. Unmistakably, each and every small achievement does add up to enhance the prestige of this nation.