It’s a matter of great concern to hear raging rebels speak against “womanhood” and their “Individuality” as a threat to the universal autonomy and independence. I refuse to call them men. I refuse to call them human. While our tv screens are inundated with devilish cautions of sweeping statements as to how women must and shall behave, I am disturbed beyond calculation to think of how my society is shaping the thought pattern of its very people, tearing them into roles of their own. A pattern that creates a collision between men and women, a competition between what to do and what not, a disparity between where to stay and when to leave, a war between honor and pride. I stand genderless thinking where I belong.  

What men are capable of doing and what women ought to do is none of our business. Our business is to know what we are doing. Our trade is to manage our actions. Our role is to ensure security prevails. Our mission is to protect one another. Our pursuit is to safeguard against cannibalism. Our undertaking is to remain human, while we speak up. But then again, where has gender come in from? Where will gender take us? What are gender debates for? Is gender my identity? 

We often embroil ourselves in debates that are unnecessary. Follow suit when not required. Stay silent when our words are needed. Run away in face of tyranny. What gender do we belong to when we are up to no good? Do we keep a count of our own activities or are we delegated to pass judgements about others only? Have we thought of this undelegated, unauthorized role that we have acquired? Or are we too busy fighting the gender war? 

Debates on Naya Pakistan have led to disappointment only because we have forgotten our role. The peace that has vanished is not the job of Naya Pakistan torch bearers. The humility that we lack in our action is not the job of our deal makers. The ugliness that we carry in our hearts is not the function of our leaders. The inhumane attitude that we wear up is not a rectification fix for our people.

What gender are we fighting over if we lack the basic sense to even count as humans? What is masculinity if we have no strength to even accept the wrong doings around us. What is feminism if we have not known how to behave. We as a nation are fighting over gender when we have failed to even live as humans? 

Set aside gender, try living as a human. Maybe our Naya Pakistan comes into being.