ISLAMABAD          -        An extraordinary 2,500-year-old grave of an ancient warrior couple has been found in Siberia. The pair are believed to have died in their 30s and were buried with a baby and an ‘elderly’ servant woman, archaeologists say. The elderly woman was likely in her 60s when she died and was entombed in a crumpled position under the feet of feet of the couple, who may have been spouses. Remains of the child were scattered throughout the grave, which archaeologists say probably happened when rodents ate the flesh of the deceased. Experts unearthing the find in southern Siberia say the four people probably succumbed simultaneously to the same infection, and the servant was buried alongside them to look after the family in the afterlife. The warrior couple, the woman specifically, may be proof of the lost Scythian civilization, which inhabited the region of modern-day Russia until 2,200 years ago.