Islamabad   -   PML-N lnformation Secretary Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that Nawaz Sharif’s speech has rattled 40 rented mouthpieces of the government who have been crying on television for the past 24 hours.

In a statement, Marriyum said sugar and wheat robbers can’t understand or fathom Nawaz Sharif’s speech. The PML-N Quaid’s speech has left the selected government totally baffled.

The former information minister said the decisive battle for the survival of Pakistan’s democratic existence has begun. She said it has been decided that Pakistan will be ruled by the people of Pakistan, not by any selected hoard.

Marriyum said the people of Pakistan are feeling retribution watching Imran Khan and his ministers desperately trying to annul the overpowering effect of Nawaz’s speech. But what is even more amusing is that the 2-hour press conference of 4 Ministers didn’t make any sense whatsoever to the people.

She said over 40 government spokespersons have been desperately and exhaustively trying and failing at countering Nawaz’s speech. 

And yet they keep saying that the speech was unimportant and inconsequential, which is hilarious, she concluded.