ISLAMABAD    -   Replacing fish with other types of ocean creatures such as jellyfish on takeaway menus could help save threatened species, according to a team of scientists. Conservationists from the University of Queensland found that 92 endangered and 11 critically endangered species of sea creatures end up in meals worldwide. Fishing for creatures that are threatened with extinction is legal in most of the world, the team said, adding that Europe and the USA are the biggest importers. The team have called for tougher rules on seafood labelling as currently the label on cooked seafood doesn’t have to match the species. Seafood items like ‘fish’ or ‘flake’ found on a menu - or products battered and filleted in a chip shop - could be from an endangered creature.

 They have created a ‘sustainable seafood guide’ designed to offer alternative edible options to endangered fish - such as the jellyfish which is common worldwide.