A commendable step was taken by the PTI government to recruit and fill the vacant seats of Sindh and Balochistan province. It is for the first time in history that the special exam disregarding its actual date is conducted with a view to alleviate the ingrowing unemployment caused by COVID-19. 

The clearers of this daunting examination will be allocated to the posts of BPS-17 under the federal government. Considerable care should be taken for the broadcasting of this exam so that people of rural areas can avail and extract maximum output from it. The bogus domicile issue, which was on high momentum a few months ago, should also be given a fixated response so that the outrage of the quota system be avoided.

Along with this, the criterion for this exam should be charted, and whether it will be counted in rubicon limit of attempts or not should be made clear. The aspirants inclined to this exam face trouble owing to these issues in their preparation. De facto, this special exam provides an excellent opportunity to the CSS aspirants.