It is really heartbreaking sigh to see Quaid’s city is wrecked and catastrophic condition. One can anticipate how much havoc 294mm heavy downpour has caused in just 12 hours. The hollow claims of rulers have miserably failed and proved their incompetence. The peoples have lost their homes, business and a few have even lost their beloved ones. The hopes of citizens from their selected leaders have crumbled. The inundate and stagnant water in different areas has not been evaluated for the last five days. Yet the war of slander and blame game of rulers on different institutions continues.

If this is the state of affairs for the residents of such high prestige areas like Clifton or Defence, what will be of those residing in remote areas of Karachi? In these trying times, do still people believe in the so-called marvellous slogan “Bhutto Zinda Hai”? Do they still vote for reckless and selfish rulers who indulge themselves in triggering hot arguments instead of rectifying the loopholes? It is a wakeup call for slumbered souls to open their eyes and realise the difference between right and wrong.