The wheat and flour crisis across the country has deepened, and the helpless people living in Turbat have to buy a Naan for Rs 10. The hoarding of flour on a large-scale by private sector is also responsible for this and has added to the woes of the poor. In Waziristan, 80 kg flour bag price has crossed Rs 4,000, and some of the citizens have started eating herbs in the area. Likewise is the situation in Karachi where wheat stocks in country's largest grains market have exhausted, reported a private TV channel on Tuesday. Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association Chairman Anis Majeed told media that the wheat supply to Karachi from other cities of the country has been halted entirely for the last three days due to ban on inter-provincial transportation of wheat. He said the city's wheat consumption per day stood at 6,500 tonnes but due to the ban on its transportation, wheat stocks in the open market have exhausted. He said despite harvesting of the new wheat crops, its access to Karachi was not being allowed. He urged upon the government to lift ban on the inter-provincial transportation of wheat.