ISLAMABAD Advisor on Interior Rehman Malik Wednesday told the Upper House that India was backing Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), headed by Nawab Akbar Bugtis grandson Brahamdagh Bugti, to fuel insurgency in Balochistan. While winding up debate on Balochistan in Senate, Malik alleged that BLA Chief was involved in kidnapping UN official John Solecki. Our agencies had traced his call from Afghanistan enquiring his men about the health of the abducted UN official, he said. Surkh bakre ki halat kesi ha, tang to nahi kar raha, bimar to nahi, Malik quoted Brahamdagh as enquiring from his men on the phone. The Advisor said that Brahamdagh was hiding in Kabul near Karzais presidential palace, but he said Afghan Government denied his presence on their soil when Pakistani Foreign Office requested them to let them have an access to him. We also raised the issue with the United States but to no avail, Malik deplored. Finally, Malik went on, we approached UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon, on whose intervention the release of John Solecki was made possible. The Advisor further said that BLA was raised by former USSR during the Afghan war but went dormant till the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti, after which, he said, India was funding the separatist organization to fuel insurgency in Balochistan. He said other hostile agencies were also involved in deteriorating the law and order situation in the province. Rehman Malik disclosed that out of the three Baloch leaders killed recently, one was involved in terrorist activities in Iran while another had dual citizenship of Pakistan and Iran, while foreign powers were involved in creating unrest in the country. Malik said that Russia had trained one thousand Baloch students against Pakistan and alleged that Indian consulates along the Durand Line were involved in various other activities than granting visas. Regarding the murder of the three Baloch nationalist leaders, Malik said that the government had already constituted a judicial committee to probe the incident. He also suggested to form a committee comprising senators from all political parties to supervise the investigation. He said that their murder was a well-hatched conspiracy, as, he said, soon after the incident armed men with grenades and bombs appeared and killed 14 settlers in the province. He said that the government was taking all possible measures to pacify the situation in the province. Government is ready to accept all demands of the people of the province except independence, which, he said, was not supported by the majority Baloch population. He said the proposed constitutional package included provision for provincial autonomy and right of the provinces over their resources. He said that the Federal Government had written off Rs 17.5 billion overdraft due from Balochistan Government, released all political prisoners and withdrawn cases against Harbiar Marri. All the 36 FC check posts had also been removed and the force had been directed to work under provincial administration, Malik said. He further said that President Asif Ali Zardari during his recent visit to the province had announced a development package worth Rs 46 billion and had assured political leadership of the province that their problems would be resolved on a priority basis. He said there was no military operation being carried out in the province, as, he said, the present government was committed to resolving issues through dialogue. He also said that the government was considering backwardness and area of provinces in the future NFC award. Malik also informed the House that out of the 821 total missing persons, two hundred had been traced and released while efforts were underway to trace out the remaining missing persons. At a point in Maliks speech, when he said that Sher Muhammad Baloch was wanted in terrorist activities in Iran and that Ghulam Muhammad Baloch was not Pakistani by origin, but an Iranian national who had acquired Pakistani nationally, Salih Baloch and Dr Malik strongly protested and staged a walkout along with other Baloch senators. Nawab Akbar Bugtis son-in-law Shahid Bugti, however, didnt accompany them. The House then decided to have an in-camera briefing from the Advisor on Thursday, as he said he had detailed material to share with the legislators on Balochistans situation. PML-N Chairman Senator Raja Zafarul Haq, on the occasion, said that every government had the right to defend itself but he said, there were some limitations to be observed. He said the Advisor was even reading out secret letters sent by other states. He said Maliks statements could worsen relations with neighbours and could harm Pakistans interests. Senator Prof Sajid Mir demanded of the government to disclose hostile activities of all the countries including USA. Senator Gulshan Saeed, too, said, We should know our friends and foes. After that the House agreed with consensus to hold an in-camera briefing from the Advisor during the Senate session today (Thursday).