IQBAL Bano, Pakistans widely acclaimed singer of ghazals, geet and semi-classical and film songs, would enthral the audience with her melodious voice and had the rare distinction of articulating the verses with absolute clarity. Born at New Delhi, her musical talent received the attention of Ustad Chaand Khan, who trained her in light and classical music. Later, on migrating to Pakistan she began singing for Radio Pakistan and PTV and at public concerts and won Pride of Performance in 1974. Iqbal Bano gave up singing in 2000 on falling ill. Her passing away at the age 74 at Lahore, the place she had chosen to live on her husbands death, has caused great shock and grief not only to her family members and friends but also to the lovers of songs and music in the Subcontinent and beyond. Her fans are to be found in every section of society. Iqbal Bano sang film songs as well, and some of them became hit songs, and have remained favourite with the older generations of filmgoers till today. She also excelled in singing Persian ghazals, rendering them with each and fluency, and was eagerly awaited in Afghanistan on the occasion of Jashn-i-Kabul that was held annually before the Soviet invasion of the country. Her preference, however, remained Urdu and she took to the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz in such a manner that in the minds of many of her fans she came to be known as an expert in singing his ghazals. But she also liked, and was equally at home, singing other famous classical and modern poets.