KARACHI - Pakistan Air Line Pilots Association (PALPA) has shown disappointment over the PIA managements strange attitude towards resolving the issue which is directly affecting the Passengers safety, ensuring which is prime agenda of the association. PALPAs spokesman said that PIA management invited executive committee of PALPA on Tuesday to meet with the top management of PIA but there was no progress made towards negotiations as the MD PIA, Capt. Aijaz Haroon did not attend the meeting which he had himself requested. Instead, Director Flight Operations, Capt. Shuja Naqvi and other officials met the PALPA executive committee members and the meeting adjourned without any development. He said that PIA pilots have a track record of successful domestic and international flight operations and are considered among the worlds best pilots. He said that passengers safety has always been a prime concern for the airlines pilots and monetary benefits are not the core issue. Pilots did marvellous job during Hajj operations, which is unprecedented in the history of PIA and entire Hajj operation was conducted by PIAs own airplanes and crew and for the first time not a single leased aircraft was taken. He said that the safety of the passengers would be jeopardised if a pilot does not get enough rest between the flights and the PALPA members are only going by rules which clearly state that a pilot should be given a twelve hour notice before undertaking a flight. However, he hoped that MD PIA will be available for negotiations, as he himself stated on electronic media, so that the issue could be resolved as soon as possible.