I would like to draw attention of the concerned authorities towards the issue of high prices of school course books. I was in particular shocked to see the high-prices of science and mathematics textbooks. Due largely to the prices of books of these subjects, it was simply impossible to buy the whole syllabus at one time. I dont understand why acquiring a decent education is being made harder and harder. You cant expect parents to pay more than a thousand rupees for every book. And, then, what is one to do when the school administration changes the entire syllabus next year. So even the younger children cannot benefit from having leftover books of their elder siblings or cousins. As a concerned parent and citizen, I request the government to control prices of books, which have probably reached the unaffordable limits for most people. It is already tough on us to make both ends meet. The added burden of buying costly schoolbooks for our children is a bit much. Education should be possible for people from all strata of society to avail and should not be made impossible for those who are not rich.-SABA MANZAR, Karachi, via e-mail, April 20.