KARACHI - Awami Muslim League (AML)s chief, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, has proposed that all the religio-political parties should be invited to develop national consensus on critical current issues. He urged the MQM and the ANP to join hands and take other parties with them to save the country from any kind of crisis. Speaking at a press conference at a local hotel, Sheikh Rashid criticized PPP and ANP leaderships for holding meetings in foreign countries. He suggested that foreign trips for such meetings should be avoided; rather, decisions must be taken within the country for the betterment and survival of the nation. He ruled out the possibility of mid-term elections in the country and urged that there must be no adventure. Pakistan has come under mounting foreign pressures but the politicians are giving hollow statements, he lamented. He urged the rulers to ignore pressure that U.S. military chief Michael Mullen and other officials were exerting. He asked the government to take decision in view of ground realities particularly for the advancement of Pakistani interests. He exhorted the government to strengthen the institutions that were tasked to defend the country. He further told that all the politicians, in the government and opposition, should realise the gravity of situation in the face of conspiracies aimed at disintegration of the country. He added that internal plots also posed serious threats. He further said that after the promulgation of the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation, it is Taliban s responsibility to fulfil the promises.