MIAN Nawaz Sharif has taken a stand on the Swat peace deal which is timely, unambiguous and rational. Taking note of highly serious developments that are taking place in Swat and the adjoining areas he has clearly maintained that there can be no bargain over the writ of the state and the democratic system. While he supports talks with the moderate militants, he has expressed concern over the export of a harsh version of Shariah to other parts of the country. His concerns would be shared by a vast majority comprising moderate Muslims, adhering to the ideas of the Founding Fathers, who had rejected theocracy in favour of democracy. The Quaid-i-Azam had put forwards the idea of a separate homeland for Muslims with a democratic, pluralistic and Islamic welfare state. Many in this country had welcomed the TNSM move to help restore peace in violence ridden Swat. Extremist elements had challenged the writ of the state, attacked government installations and abducted and killed security personnel. Scores of girl schools were torched. A military action launched to bring the situation under control had failed to deliver. TNSM leader Sufi Muhammad promised that the militants would lay down arms, and none would challenge the writ of the state once the Qazi courts were in place. It was widely understood that the Nizam-i-Adl Regulation was a local remedy for a local problem. The government has to abide by the deal. On the other hand the Swat TTP and TNSM have to fulfil their obligations. Rants against democracy and constitution have to end. Security personnel abducted from various areas in Swat on Monday have to be urgently released. There are disturbing reports from adjoining Buner regarding Taliban of Afghan origin, having taken over local administration. They have avowedly taken forcible possession of privates homes and vehicles. Actions of the sort constitute violations of the accord and have to be stopped. Peace in Swat has to be maintained at all costs