KARACHI - The Sindh Assembly unanimously adopted four resolutions on Wednesday including one related to regularisation of Katchi Abadis in the province on the lands in possession of different federal agencies like KPT, Pakistan Railways and Evacuee Trust Properties Board. Sindh Minister for Katchi Abadis Muhammad Rafique Engineer, who moved the resolution, disclosed that there are as many as 116 Katchi Abadis located on the provincial revenue land but in possession of the above mentioned federal agencies. His resolution which was adopted states, this assembly resolves and recommends to the government of Sindh to approach the federal government to issue directives for NOC regarding regularisation of Katchi Abadis in the province of Sindh by federal agencies such as Karachi Port Trust, Railways authorities, Evacuee Trust Properties Board and others which are creating impediment due to which the improvement in economic and social development programmes of the province of Sindh are affecting. Speaking on his resolution Rafique Engineer said there were 116 Katchi Abadis which including 39 in Karachi, 26 Hyderabad, 16 in Larkana, 30 in Sukkur and 5 in Mirpurkhas which were located on the lands in possession of federal government agencies. By regularizing these Katchi Abadies, he said the PPP would be full filling the promise of Roti, Kapra and Makan made to the masses as laid down in party manifesto. He said that these Katchi Abadis these existed even during pre-independence days and were 50 feet away from the railway tracks. Speaking on the resolution the former senior bureaucrats and MQM Parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly Syed Sardar Ahmed tracing the history of the revenue land given to the Railways said that the lands were allotted in 1888 for the specific operational purposes. He said if these lands were not utilised for the given purpose the land could be taken back. The land was given during the Bombay Presidency days and the railways were the occupant of that land. But if these lands were not utilised by the railways for the specific purpose for which it was allotted, it would automatically be reversed back to the Sindh govt which is the real owners of the lands, he added. Railways cannot dispose of these lands without the approval of Sindh government which is original owners of these areas, he added. Sindh Ministers Faisal Sabzwari and Shoaib Bukhari were of the view that some of Katchi Abadis including Moosa colony, Punjabi colony and others were located on the land falling in the jurisdiction of Karachi Circular Railways so it will create impediment in the revival of KCR. After discussion, Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro put the resolution in the house which was passed unanimously. The house unanimously adopted another resolution tabled by Sindh Information Minister Ms Shazia Marri and joined by PPP member Dr. Sikandar Ali Mahendaro, Sindh Ministers Syed Sardar Ahmed, Shoaib Bukhari, Ms. Tauqeer Fatima Bhutto, Murad Ali Shah and PML (F) member Nusrat Abbasi. The resolution says, this Assembly commemorates today (Wednesday) as Earth Day, and this day recognizes the danger resulting from the greenhouse effect; reiterates its commitments to follow environment friendly policies; reaffirms its supports to the Kyoto protocol on climate change; and pledged to make maximum endeavours to minimise climate change for sustainable development and to save the delta of Sindh from further devastation. Speaking on the resolution Dr. Sikandar Mahendaro made an amazing suggestion that stunned the house when he said that Pakistan could sell its un-utilized emission quota of carbon emission to any other country. Explaining his point he said, Under the Kyoto protocol on climate change countries are allowed certain percentages of carbon emission. Pakistan also has the quota of carbon emission but it is emitting less than what is allowed so it can sell its un-utilised quota of emission to any country in the world, he said. After hearing point of view, the chair put the resolution in the house, which was carried unanimously. The assembly adopted unanimously another resolution moved by PPP member Haji Munawwar Ali Abbasi.The resolution that states, the assembly resolves and recommends to the government to approach the federal government to direct financial institution for disbursement of fresh agriculture loan to the Abadgars of calamity hit areas of paddy cultivation in Sindh on priority basis last year. The house unanimously carried yet another resolution tabled by PPP member from Tharparkar Sharjeel Memon which states, this Assembly resolves and is of the opinion that complaint centres and toll free numbers should be established in each department of government to facilitate the people who want to register complaints and for streamlining the resolution of these complaints. The house which set in motion with Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro in the chair with two and half hours delay of scheduled time, carried question and answer session and points of orders. No government bill was listed on the agenda. After passage of resolution Speaker adjourned the house till Thursday morning.