Dr Mubashir Hasan The generous package of funds for Pakistan provided by the conference of donors held in Tokyo on April 17, 2009, shall unfortunately prove out to be counterproductive. It will stretch the life of the predatory elites who have run Pakistan for the last 30 years and will give strength to the extremist forces the donors aim to counter. The grand objectives laid out in the communiqu issued at the conclusion of the conference shall remain unfulfilled. In the course of its sixty years of history, Pakistan has evolved a quite an elaborate structure of the state to let its elites devour a lions share of the foreign grants, aid, assistance and loans as well as what is produced by the working population of the country. A cursory survey of the legally and illegally accumulated wealth, as well as that received from outside as assistance and exported abroad, shall reveal that, over the years, Pakistan has been a net exporter of capital to the tune of 5 to 8 billion dollars. What the tycoons of Pakistan yearly send abroad far exceeds what the IMF and other FDIs provide as assistance. There are no grounds to believe that the donations pledged last week at Tokyo will not follow the pattern of the past leaving our land as high and dry as ever. During the last 30 years, the elites comprising the dominant sections of the high-ups in civil and military services and their sub-serving associates in politics, trade, industry, smuggling and narcotics have been able to achieve their nefarious ends through corrupting the civil administrative and the judicial structure. The corrupted, exploitative and oppressive civil administrative structure has earned unending hostility of the overwhelming majority of the people of Pakistan. And therefore, at this point in time the people are in no mood to help the state or its friends abroad. No wonder that as the state authority weakens, any and all types gun toting groups of criminals and political opponents have launched attacks on the state from all sides. Pitted against the corrupt administrative structure the attackers hold high moral ground. The people, the rich as well as the poor are reluctant as well as scared and show no desire to help the government to counter the menace. Alarum bells are rightly ringing among the people of Pakistan and throughout the peace-loving world about the safety and security of the country. Everyone, the people inside and outside the country, including the foreign media can see that our massively corrupted administrative structure has almost collapsed. The donors at Tokyo completely overlooked this grim fact. They are bent upon pumping more funds in the hands of the elite to weaken the state and strengthen the militants further. What Pakistan needs most is revamping of the civil administrative structure. At present the delinquent members of the services who wield executive authority under the law are not accountable before the bar of the people as they are in many countries including the United States. They are only accountable and are under the discipline of their corrupt civil service superiors and constitute a state within the state. In unholy alliances with the elected politicos they are able to loot and plunder the people and cheat the aid givers abroad and go on weakening the state which the people as well the friends abroad want to preserve and strengthen. Remedying the horrifying state of affairs will take time but is simple to remedy and only requires changes in a few laws. The statutory changes required are that the elected councils of the people in villages, towns and cities are made responsible for overseeing the police and also to provide juries to determine the innocence or guilt of those indicted. Thus the people shall be able to cleanse the polity of criminal elements, punish the corrupt administration officials and protect their own life and property. Collectively they shall govern over themselves and at last will become free citizens of a republic. Pakistan will become strong and invincible and may not even require any aid from abroad.