WORRIED at the unrest that prevails in Balochistan, Senators from both the Opposition and Treasury benches have called on the government to take concrete measures to restore normalcy to the province. One cannot help but endorse the contention of a PPP legislator that the suffering of the people and their dissatisfaction had been decades old but, unfortunately, different governments had continued to turn a blind eye to the situation. Senator Raza Rabbani presented a 15-point agenda that among others calls for initiating a political dialogue, release of political prisoners, judicial inquiry into the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti. They could go a long way in removing the peoples sense of deprivation. It is a pity that the elected government has been found wanting in its duty of setting things right. Of course, the problems goes back to the time the country gained independence but the expectations of a new dawn that when the PPP led set up came into power did not materialise. PPP Co-Chairman President Zardaris apology to the people of Balochistan for the past injustices just remain hot air. The monetary aid of Rs 46.6 billion he granted to the province will hardly suffice in improving its economic situation. Meanwhile, complaints of Baloch have increased. The assassination of three Baloch leaders has greatly influenced the peoples sentiments. Strikes and act of violence that include targeted killings and kidnapping incidents have multiplied. Attacks on government installations, railway lines, gas pipelines are more frequent. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani suspects the involvement of a foreign hand, which according to him, has been fomenting trouble in the restive region. But whoever is involved, the government cannot absolve itself of its responsibility on reining in the terrorists. This suggests that whatever has been done is too little too late. All this should invariably set the alarm bells ringing for the government. Equally important is the factor of our political leadership, including the mainstream PPP and PML (N), and their commitment towards the province. Though they agree on the point that there has been some injustice, they somehow do not make a concrete move to remove it. Mere rhetoric and hollow sloganeering that the people of Balochistan continue to hear will remain a non-starter. While the authorities must act quickly to redress the grievances, one would expect that those responsible for creating law and order situation in the province to desist from doing so in the national interest.