I was glad to see a half-page advertisement in a leading English daily recently that had been put in by the power supply company of Karachi. As promised by the KESC through its TV advertisements earlier, names of the electricity thieves were published in this advertisement. No matter if the overwhelming majority of electricity thieves listed were from slummy areas like Lyari, Shershah and the Defence and Clifton had only one name from each. Rather heartening to note that electricity theft is committed mainly by the lower income, under-the-stairs types while the well-to-do elite of the city is mostly honest and upright. You wouldnt expect the high and mighty of our land to do this kind of petty thievery, would you? This just reinforces my long held view that only the poor, low-income types do corruption in Pakistan. Even in the officialdom, low-level constables, ASIs, clerks or other such junior government officials are sometimes caught red-handed taking bribes or for engaging in petty corruption. But have you ever seen any IG or DIG police, or an FBR member or a senior federal secretary getting caught in anything untoward? Impossible. The poor are the most dishonest and immoral people in this country, you know -NUSRAT VOHRA, Karachi, April 20.