ISLAMABAD The controversial LNG contract awarded to a Dutch company, a suo moto application against which was moved in Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday, was tendered despite opposition from the relevant quarters, its is credibly learnt. According to the details, the lucrative contract for re-gasification and terminal installation at Port Qasim Authority (PQA) Karachi awarded to 4Gas in January this year. It was handed over to the company by the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet despite opposition from some members during the meeting. TheNation on April 17 had published a news story quoting media reports carried by some sections of foreign media exposing direct links between CIA and Carlyle Group that owns 4Gas. Further probe into the matter reveals that in the Januarys meeting of ECC, two government officials had expressed their reservations regarding the award of particular contract to 4Gas on the grounds that the company was owned by Carlyle Group and its notorious reputation and affiliation with CIA might drew resentment and opposition in Pakistani public and media. It is learnt from credible sources that a senior government functionary endorsed the viewpoint of these officials. However, majority of the Committees members including some politicians and 'technocrats was totally ignorant to the history of Carlyle Group. For them, the piece of information shared by the aforementioned government officials came as a 'startling revelation. Later, after discussions, the ECC that was headed by the then Finance Minister Saukat Tarin 'unanimously decided to award the contract to the same group after the 'technocrats downplayed the reservations about Carlyle Group and ridiculed these 'speculations citing the technical expertise and skills of the business group in the related fields. Sources also revealed that former CIA spymaster Frank Carlucci who heads Carlye Group and got introduced to Pakistani economic and business sector in Musharrafs era continued to have close linkages with key slot holders in the ruling party and some tycoons in oil and gas sector. After intensified 'deliberations for the last two years, Frank has finally succeeded in getting his company the lucrative contract at PQA Karachi. About Frank Carlucci, the US based publication Spectrizine reports, A further delving into the background of the listed Carlyle officers is called for here - and whom better to start with than its chairman, Carlucci. As noted in his C.V. above, he had strong ties with the intelligence agencies, as confirmed by Philip Agee in his book, On The Run: Carlucci had been on the team in Kinshasa when Patrick Lumumba was assassinated and the Congolese revolution stopped. Then he worked four years in Brasil following the military coup in 1964. Agee was in Portugal not long after the April 75 coup by the communist-led armed forces movement had overthrown the dictatorship of Salazar - as a result of which, President Ford had sent Carlucci as ambassador to Portugal. As Agee writes: If the new ambassador, Frank Carlucci, was any indication, the Ford administration was determined, both alone and in concert with European allies to stop the revolution...He would be in charge of coordinating all efforts to 'save Portugal. The possibility of kickbacks and other controversies related to this Group and its covert ties with powerful individuals in Pakistani government could be unearthed once the matter is takenup in SC.