KARACHI Investigators have failed to probe into Afias missing case registered after six years of her alleged disappearance on March 30, 2003. According to the reports, Dr. Afia Siddique was neither arrested nor went missing before she was captured in July 17, 2008 from Afghanistan. Investigators who went through the missing case of Dr. Afia and her three children disclosed on condition of anonymity that there is no evidence to prove that Dr. Afia and her children were abducted on March 30, 2003 from Karachi. Yvone Ridley, a British journalist, who took up the issue of Grey Lady 650, couple of weeks earlier of her arrest by FBI from Afghanistan and made a press conference about Afias detention in Bagram airbase. Ridley later herself stated in her October 28, 2008 press conference, I can tell you categorically prisoner 650 is not Dr. Afia. Police sources said that a confidential witness close to Dr. Afia in his statement to the police revealed that Afia and her three children including Ahmed Khan, Mariam and Suleman were free till the day of her arrest in Afghanistan in 2008. Col. Sarfraz Khan, Director Legal of the Army, had stated before the Supreme Court that security forces of Pakistan did not arrest Afia and her three children. Intelligence officials on condition of anonymity said that there was no Grey Lady in Bagram jail and added that political leaders had exploited the issue for their political gains and to enjoy the media attention. It is pertinent to mention here that Abu Khalid, brother of Ammar Balochi, the second husband of Dr. Afia, who actually was detained in the Bagram jail during the same period, said in an interview with TheNation that he (Abu Khalid) never heard about any Grey lady in Bagram during that period. Investigators confided that on April 30, 2003, after a month of her alleged missing, an agency official called a witness to identify Dr. Afia at the Karachi International Airport. The witness in his statement told the joint interrogation team that he had seen Dr. Afia and her son Ahmed at Karachi International Airport where Afias mother Ismat Siddiqui was also present to receive her. Second time, the same witness claimed to have seen her in December 2004, at Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi, when she was on her way to somewhere in a cab. The sources also pointed out to the police that Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) contacted Dr. Fozia, sister of Afia, in 2006 for enlisting the name of Afia in the missing persons list. But Fozia declined to sign the petition and said, We dont want to enlist Afias name in petition of missing person. Even, Afias mother in her statement in the family court in 2004 had stated that the children of Afia were in FBI custody but FBI made it clear that neither Afia nor her children were arrested. Why would FBI keep the innocent children in its custody, was the reply of the American agency when the father of the children, Dr. Amjad, contacted them to know the truth. It is pertinent to mention here that when the Chief Justice of Pakistan took up the issue of missing persons, TheNation had contacted Dr. Fozia and asked her to highlight the case of the missing mother and three children in 2006 but Dr. Fozia had claimed that the case of Afia has almost been solved so any news could create problems for us. Intelligence source revealed that Afia was captured in 2005 from Chaman border but she was released soon after. And when a local journalist informed Dr. Fozia about her arrest and release, she accused the journalist that youre the agent of Dr. Amjad and trying to create troubles for Afia. In 2008, TheNation published a statement of Afias uncle Shams-ul-Hassan Farooqi in which he stated that some six months before her arrest; Dr. Afia Siddiqui had reached her uncles home on January 22, 2008, located in Sector F/7 Islamabad where she stayed for three days. Dr. Afia had a national identity card (NIC) with new identity of Saleh and requested her uncle Please take me to Afghanistan. She left her uncles home after meeting with her mother Ismat Siddiqui who gave Afia Rs 5000. The source pointed out that Afias missing son Ahmed and daughter Mariam both were fluent in English, Persian and Darri languages that suggest that she was hiding in tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan where her children learnt these languages. James Merpberg, the American lawyer of Dr. Afia, and Dr. Amjad, who helped them with their first FBI interview in 2002, explained in a chat with TheNation that why was Dr. Afias name enlisted among the 7 most wanted terrorists of the world in 2004. He said she was paranoid and wanted to escape arrest although FBI was looking her for questioning only. He said that one day, FBI agents first time called Dr. Amjad at his hospital in USA and told that we went to your home but your wife (Dr. Siddiqui) did not open the door. Dr. Khan engaged me as lawyer and set the meeting at my office where they asked him first about the connections with charitable organisations and money transaction and then they asked Afia who repeatedly lied before the agents though they have had complete evidences of donation to some banned charitable organisations said Mr. Merpberg. FBI advised the couple, not to leave the US before the completion of inquiry and said that FBI would give you a clean chit, therefore, doesnt go away. The incident of 9/11 occurred and she insisted to leave US thus Dr. Khan sent her and the children to Pakistan. The intelligence sources said that Afias matter was highlighted first in Pakistan, on March 29, 2003 when Majid Khan, Ammar Balochi, Walid Attash and Jordan national al-Qaeda members were arrested after a long encounter in Defence area of Karachi. The arrest of the said members of Al-Qaeda put Afia in trouble because Majid Khan was close to Afia and Ammar Balochi, the accused involved in the 9/11 bombing was the second husband of Dr. Afia. She went into hiding to avoid her arrest and had shown that she was picked up by intelligence agencies. The issue of her missing was getting long when another close aide of Dr. Afia, alleged mastermind of 9/11 bombing, Khalid Shaikh Muhammad was arrested on April 1, 2003. It was also learnt that Dr. Amjad had taken his wife (Afia) in Karachi in July 2002 to Mufti Rafi Usmani, a renowned cleric of Pakistan, to stop her from such sort of activities before he divorced her on August 20, 2002. Mufti Usmani tried to convince her that her primary responsibility was to take care of her children and not jihad but she aggressively declined to disassociate herself with Jihadis. Mufti Usmani confirmed the meeting with the couple when contacted. SP Niaz Khoso, investigation officer of Dr. Afia Siddiqui kidnapping case, registered after six years of her alleged kidnapped, told TheNation that it would be premature to say whether or not she was abducted and the conclusion of the case would not draw until the statement of Dr. Afia Siddiqui. SP Khoso added that the requisitions ahead of her travel abroad has been sent to the FIA and Afghan authorities while authorities concern with domestic travelling have not the record of over six months. Dr. Fozia Siddiqui, citing the statement of Rehman Malik, Federal Minister for Interior, told TheNation he (Malik) had said, I have evidences ahead of the kidnapping of Dr. Afia. The statement of Malik is enough to prove the illegal kidnapping and detention of Dr. Afia, she said. In reply to a question about retreating of Ridley, Dr. Fozia said, I dont know either Afia was the Grey Lady 650 or not but the agenda of western media is beyond the reality. She added that there are police officers among the witnesses proving Afias kidnapping and detention. She also said that released of Marym was the deal set among officials for both children included Sulaman but Sulaman remains kept into custody because of some unknown reasons.