ISLAMABAD - It was a petty that majority in Senate Standing Committee on Finance was staunchly opposing an effective competition regime in the country as it decided to entertain amendments chiefly weakening the law already passed by the National Assembly. Except for Senator Sughra Imam there was virtually no one to support the passage of the law in its existing form, which is all the way essential to have an effective Competition Commission of Pakistan. The Committee did not bother to give the CCP a chance to explain the position. Ironically, the Committee in its meeting on Thursday had invited all those against whom the Commission had moved in the recent past for violations of the Competition laws as stakeholders while civil society, media and even the chambers were simply ignored. Therefore, it appeared to be a sort of rallying against the Commission that rather has been instrumental in preventing cartelisation and exploitation of the weaker stakeholders especially consumers. The Committee has fixed May 5, as the next date for its meeting wherein it would accept written amendment proposals from the respective members. After having again a majority decision in favour of those amendments, the Committee would report back to the House. And in case the Senate passes the Bill with amendments it would go back to the National Assembly. In this way the process appears to linger on beyond the end of current financial year in June. It is relevant to note here that incumbent Chairman Khalid Mirza, a steadfast and strict regulator who is now the most unwanted by the political lot both in the Treasury as well as in the Opposition would complete his current tenure in June. Therefore, the influential stakeholders appeared in a mood to delay the process of legislation besides insertion of amendments that should curtail powers of the CCP till the time Mirza completes his term. Afterward they would appoint a person of their own choice of the toothless Competition Commission who would be kowtowing to mafia. A retired government servant who devoted his career to the corporate sector regulations observed that it was another way of condoning corruption. He pointed out that all and sundry knows that who are the major stakeholders in the sugar, cement, and banking industries against whom Khalid Mirza has been moving in implementation of the competition law. It is really painful that the international community has been praising the Chairman Competition Commission for actions against violations of the competition law while the local politicians have dubbed him as a condemned buddy, he observed in a tone of despair.