LAHORE - Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan has demanded a judicial inquiry into the attack at the JI rally in Peshawar resulting in dozens of deaths and serious injuries to scores others. Addressing a press conference here at Mansoora on Thursday, he also called upon the government and the armed forces to review their participation in the war on terror and military operations, adding that it was time to say a big No to the US. Syed Munawar Hassan condemned the attitude of the ANP government over the killing of JI workers and said the ANP ministers were rubbing salt on the wounds of the bereaved families. He said that terrorist activities in the country were due to the inefficiency of the federal and the provincial governments. Both the governments were hiding their wrong policy and failures under the cover of terrorism and suicide bombing. He said it was time to assess whether the steps taken to eliminate terrorism had helped achieve the target or had aggravated the situation. He said the failure of this policy was manifest with growing life losses but the rulers were not reviewing it due to US pressure. He said that due to this policy, Pakistan was going farther from friendly countries like China and Iran and their offer for cheap power supply was not being entertained despite the deepening energy crisis. He said the downing of drones had given a new hope to the nation but it was imperative that the defense policy was reviewed and the country pulled out of the war on terror. To a question, he said the demand for new provinces should not be equated with the disintegration of the country. Creation of new provinces should be made easy and considered from administrative viewpoint and the issue should be discussed with an open mind and heart. He condemned the attitude of the political parties on the fake degrees issue. This was a moral issue and amounted to dodging the nation and the Election Commission. He welcomed the Lahore High Courts order banning fake degree holders from contesting elections and said the ban should extend to twenty years. He said the end of party elections would strengthen hereditary dictatorship in the parties. However, he said the feudal lords in the political parties were keeping silent due to personal interests. He said the US Atomic Security policy was nuclear blackmailing and pressure policy and Pakistan was being pressurized to sign the NPT. He said Israel was the only Middle East country that had not signed the NPT but nobody was naming her. He counseled the government not to be taken in on this issue in the interest of national solidarity and integrity.