Yesterday I was at Jinnah Park Rawalpindi. I saw the security personnel holding long metallic rods that are supposedly used to detect explosives. With this equipment, they were examining all vehicles entering the complex. This explosives detector, though, is completely useless because it is just a wand held in hand with no batteries or functional electronic components inside. The only mechanical object it has is a small antenna attached to it which supposedly swings to point out presence of the explosives. This instrument is known as ADE 651s and is manufactured by a British company called ATSC Ltd. It might be of interest to your readers to know that proprietor of this company, one Jim McCormick, has already been arrested on charges of fraud and the British government has banned export of these devices. Extensive use of these gadgets in Iraq turned out to be completely futile as there was never a respite from bombings that continued unabated every day. The New York Times also ran a series of investigative reports during November 2009 revealing ineffectiveness of the so-called 'explosives-detection tools like this. The British Department for Business, Innovation & Skills had this to say about these devices; Tests have shown that the technology used in the ADE 651 and similar devices is not suitable for bomb detection. I fail to understand the logic behind usage of this contraption by our security when there is such overwhelming evidence to suggest their uselessness. The management of Jinnah Park and the other government departments should stop playing with the lives of general public and immediately put a stop to usage of this fake piece of equipment that provides nothing but a false sense of security that is a danger itself. -MUHAMMAD AFTAB ZAIDI, Islamabad, April 22.