To commemorate the events of May 1, 1886 in Chicago, the workers of America and all over the world organize processions, rallies and seminars. Until the 20th century, the labour movement had faced many hurdles and rendered countless sacrifices for the cause of workers rights. They achieved some objectives but in the later part of the century, the employers interest was safeguarded by institutions like the World Bank, IMF and other international organisations that constantly engaged in sabotaging the workers movement. In Pakistan, the workers have been tactfully rendered jobless by collusion of the public sector departments, the Privatisation Commission and the industrial buyers. The labour laws are constantly being reviewed for depletion of labour rights in contravention of the ILO conventions. The fall of communism in Russia and China has actually aided and hastened this process.-MIR MUHA-MMAD IDRIS, Lahore, April 22.