I have a feeling that President has some kind of trepidation, or some fear of future that he bestows such extraordinary favours on messrs Rehman Malik and Babar Awan. What is so special about these two? Both have come under scathing criticism on many counts from all directions. If they had been removed in response, some credibility of the present government and President himself would have been restored. There are news to the effect that in recent meetings of federal cabinet with Prime Minister in chair, some voices were raised against these two blue-eyed boys of the President. Prime Minister pledged that he would seek permission of the President for their removal. There is, of course, the question that if after the 18th amendment, Prime Minister has become all-powerful, why is he waiting for a nod from President. This nod would never come. The boat of PPP is rocking and three persons are in the eye of the storm. The wise say when the boat is in danger of sinking, some load has to be thrown overboard. The time has come. -DR. RAHAT AFZA, Islamabad, April 22.