Misuse of vehicle number plates inscribed with words 'press' is continuing without any check from Police and other authorities and is earning a bad name for members of the media. It has been learnt that a number of luxury vehicles are using "press" number plates though the vehicles do not belong to media people as hardly a genuine journalist would own such an expensive car and use such a number plate at least in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The "press" number plates are being used either by owners and employees of printing presses or people involved in illegal activities. These people are exploiting the otherwise facility to avoid police checking in the guise of professional journalists. Most of the people riding or driving vehicles with "press" number plates are not members of the Press Club, proper forums of the media community. They are not even employees of the media organisations. The journalist community of the twin cities has time and again asked the Police and other authorities concerned to take notice of the misuse, but to no avail.