Farooq Hameed Khan The UN Commissions Report is in line with its Chairmans Heraldo Munoz initial statement that he made last year. Our report would not be a smoking gun. We would not tell the names of the perpetrators, we will look into the facts and circumstances of the killing. The responsibility for investigating the crime and prosecuting the perpetrators remain with Pakistani authorities. The report highlights most of the facts that Pakistanis were already aware of. Aspects related to Benazir Bhuttos inadequate security arrangements, circumstances of the murder, premature washing of the crime scene, the never held postmortem and Scotland Yard report etc have been repeatedly discussed in our media. The findings in paras 236 and 259 of the Report regarding the controversial exit of senior PPP leaders in the black Mercedes Benz car should genuinely upset the PPP and its top leadership. These paras state, 'The rapid departure of the only backup vehicle in which Mr Malik and other senior PPP leaders rode was a serious security lapse. Ms Bhutto was left vulnerable in a severely damaged vehicle that was unable to transport her to the hospital by the irresponsible and hasty departure of the bullet proof Mercedes Benz, which as the backup vehicle was an essential part of the convoy. The Report elaborates upon the threats and possible culpabilities regarding Benazirs assassination with respect to Al-Qaeda, Tehreek-e-Taliban and the Establishment and calls for the competent authorities to aggressively pursue the possible involvement of these elements. But with such a diverse nature of the threats, why is the UN putting us on a wild goose chase? Most surprisingly, the Commission is silent about the possible involvement of vested international forces in BBs murder. Pakistanis remain convinced that BBs tragic death was indeed the result of a conspiracy which had international dimensions with strong domestic linkages. This conspiracy aimed to destabilize Pakistan and plunge the country into anarchy leading to its possible balkanization. When we recall the lightning speed with which state assets were systematically destroyed within no time of BBs death, especially in Sind, which remained cut off from the rest of the country for a few days, it pointed towards a preplanned agenda of violence by the masterminds. Why did the Commission not take into account this critical aspect of the post assassination scenario? Para 211 of he report brings out an interesting fact. It talks of the Director CIA, Mr Michael Haydens allegation in a Washington Post Interview of 18 January 2008 according to which, 'Ms Bhutto was killed by fighters allied with Baitullah Mehsud with support from Al-Qaedas terrorist network. The US government did not permit the Commission to meet US intelligence officials to ascertain the basis of Mr Haydens assertion. Was this allegation a misinformation or a decoy to put us on a wrong track right in the initial stages of the investigation? While the strange onstage gestures of Shahenshah, (BBs personal bodyguard) in the Liaqat Bagh public meeting did attract public attention, more mysterious was his murder few months later. Para 73 of the report, however connects Shahenshahs murder to his 'alleged links with the underworld thus dismissing the commonly held suspicion that he was deliberately removed from the scene. But then the question arises, why would BB keep as her bodyguard someone with underworld connections? As is evident from para 224 of the Report, the Commission brushed aside the many persistent conspiracy theories related to possible involvement of BBs associates including those closest to her. While this may not satisfy some of BBs diehard loyalists, yet it will certainly relieve some in the top PPP hierarchy. But the Commission made its point by stating 'The proper response is an unfettered criminal investigation - a meaningful search for truth, which has thus far been frustrated. The report does smell of the typical western mindset and bias towards Pakistans elite intelligence agencies specially the ISI. The Commission repeatedly refers to the 'pervasive role of our intelligence agencies in influencing national activities including the electoral process, wiretapping etc, some facts which cannot be denied. But paras 248 to 258 of the report appear to over exaggerate these aspects, remaining in line with the wests traditional ISI bashing agenda. It is well known that despite major efforts by federal/provincial governments in the past to reform and equip the Pakistani police with better investigation devices, yet it still remains a massively corrupt, inefficient and unreliable force. Our police cannot be fully entrusted with independent investigation of high profile terrorist acts. Hence the enhanced role of ISI in processing the security threats to Benazirs life and undertaking parallel investigations into the Karachi and Liaquat Bagh terrorist attacks should not have surprised the UN Commission (para 250 of the Report). The Commission expresses its satisfaction in para 49 about the special visit of then DGISI in the early morning hours of December 27 to convey the ISIs concern about a possible terrorist attack against her. The DGISI had urged BB to limit her public exposure and to keep a low profile at the Liaqat Bagh public meeting later that day. If the head of the countrys top intelligence setup had personally warned the countrys top leader about the imminent threats to her life, why were his advices ignored? One must support the UN Commissions recommendation to establish an Independent Truth And Reconciliation Commission to investigate political killings, disappearances and provide victims with material and moral reparations. Unfortunately our people have suffered enough. We must now strive to be at peace with ourselves. The UN Commission report raises more questions and fails to quench our thirst for answers. Given that President Zardari had openly declared last year, we know the killers, the nation, the PPP and BBs followers in particular, will not settle for anything except bringing the masterminds of BBs murder to justice. Only then will BBs soul rest in peace. As a sovereign and nuclear-armed nation we must learn to trust our own investigation experts. The writer is a retired Brigadier Email: fhkhan54@gmail.com