The common man in Pakistan is passing life in tremendous hardship. No jobs are available for him and if there is one, it fetches him very little income with which he can barely subsist in the sky-high prices and perennial shortages of basic necessities of life that we have in this country. And if he falls sick God forbid, only God can help him. In order to survive, the common man has to withstand rampant street crime, brazen daylight dacoities, everyday bomb blasts, no electricity, sweltering hot summers, freezing winters with no roti, no kaprra, no makan, no-nothing. The hungry men and women of this land do not have a roof over their heads and can hardly afford one miserable meal a day. One can only pray that a Messiah comes from somewhere and rescues them. -DR ZAHEER ASGHAR KHAN, Lahore, April 19.