ISLAMABAD Rejecting the power management formula unveiled by the Government, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has said that it would be a futile exercise and only add to the miseries of masses. A statement issued by the PTI further said that instead of ameliorating the desperate lot of the downtrodden masses, the Government had manufactured an excuse of selling exorbitant electricity merely to fetch hefty kickbacks and commissions. The whole formula is based around conserving available electricity and no sound plan has been unveiled about generation of additional power to augment the power shortage, it added. In a joint statement, Chairman PTI Imran Khan, Secretary General Arif Alvi and Central Information Secretary Omar Safaraz Cheema said that the non-inclusion of traders, industrialists, peasants, workers and chamber of trade and commerce representatives in the delineation of the new framework exposed the autocratic character of the self-proclaimed democratic rulers. They said that the people had rejected it from the day first. The walkout of Faisalabad delegation from the meeting convened by the Chief Minister further betokened the authoritarian mindset of the pseudo democratic rulers, they maintained. They further said that, once again, the nation was being exhorted to bear the incidence of this dire crisis while the ostentatious ways of the rulers showed no signs of change. The army of ministers continued to feast off national exchequer. The Government is wary of availing a prime and urgent opportunity of acquiring additional power from Iran at reasonable tariff merely to placate US, they added. The fig leaf offered by the Power Minister that the project would take 4-5 years before coming to fruition cuts little ice. New energy plan to add to miseries of masses: PTI