Despite strict directives of Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, misuse of official vehicles in various Government departments, ministries and semi-autonomous bodies is continuing. A survey conducted by Online revealed that thousands of official vehicles are being misused by different Government departments. The vehicles, bearing government number plates, are frequently seen outside colleges and universities at pick and drop time, in different markets and shopping malls besides recreational places. This unauthorized use of official vehicles had been ignored for years, the survey said, adding the official vehicles also were used by those who were not entitled to this facility. Sources said that many senior officials were reportedly in possession of several official vehicles, which were in use by members of their families at the government expense. It is fairly routine to see official vehicles parked in Aabpara Market, Jinnah Super market, Saddar, children parks and other places. According to survey, the government is also paying millions of rupees as fuel charges every month. The people demanded of the Prime Minister to take notice of the issue.