THERE is an almost bizarre environment surrounding Pakistan-India relations at present - at least from the Pakistani side, since Indias Pakistan policy is very clear and unambiguous. However, here in Pakistan we are witnessing some strange antics where the government and some segments of the media and civil society are going more than the extra mile to appease the Indians while hostile statements continue to come out from New Delhi and the composite dialogue remains in limbo. The Indian Army Chief, V.K. Singh, has declared that India is on high alert against Pakistan and China and accused Pakistan of continuing to give support and training to militants for going across into India. Yet we remain silent, except for the occasional whimper, about Indian involvement in clandestine terrorist activities in Balochistan and FATA, despite more than ample proof. Additionally, India is still refusing to move on the composite dialogues revival. Despite all this, Pakistan is continuing to court unofficial delegations of Indians including their retired military and civil bureaucrats who are now preaching peace which they chose to neglect while in positions of influence Why are they not pressuring their government to begin the composite dialogue again, which would certainly give more credibility to their intentions? It would appear that we are being sucked into the Indian game of overwhelming us through the media and compliant Pakistani officials to forget about the very real and threatening issues we still have with India. What is particularly dangerous in this game is the way in which our rulers are being compliant. For instance, PEMRA, while blocking a number of English-language entertainment channels has replaced them with even more Indian channels whereas it is almost impossible to get any Pakistani TV channel in India. Indian FM broadcasts are also reaching Karachi. Then we have had Interior Minister Malik refer to India as a friend who has cooperated fully in terms of the dossiers on Mumbai, despite facts to the contrary. But bringing things down from the sublime to the ridiculous has been Dr Firdous Awans statement that the marriage of Shoaib and Sania will help initiate the Pakistan-India dialogue. Nothing could be more absurd than to assume that a dialogue that India has stalled requires only a marriage between athletes from the two countries, to get it going again. Certainly, in Dr Awans case, her ignorance is not bliss for Pakistan While Track II developments can add to creating a more congenial environment for two antagonists, this only holds true if both sides are interested in conflict resolution. In Indias case this is simply not the case. Perhaps the Pakistani ruling elite and segments of its civil society need to wake up to this reality before they do any real damage to Pakistans position.