LAHORE (PPI) - PTCL General Manager Human Rights and Accounts Aqleem Sheerani has constituted a body to vacate illegally-possessed PTCL flats in different areas of metropolitan here on Thursday. According to press release, newly formed body led by Director HR&A Faraz Ahmad Butt would consist on Manager Admin Coord Nasir Ali Zia, Manager Admin South Attiqur Rehman, AM Admin Usman Saeed and Security Supervisor Muzafar Khan. The team had already vacated over 16 flats from Chanab Block, Huma Block and 5 flats from RTTS Colony Lahore Cantt and immediately allotted them at the spot to new allottees. After getting flats keys, the new official allottees thanked the team for their efforts as they have been depriving of residential facility since long time. Head of boy Faraz Ahmad Butt said now the team would raid in P&T Colony Multan Road, Sheikhabad Badami Bagh for the ejectment of illegal occupants and would allot these flats to those who have been nominated by the department. He said that his task force could not vacate PTCL flats from influential and vested interested people had GM HR&A not taken personal interest into the matter. He vowed that a grand operation would take place soon wherein all flats of Lahore region would be evacuated from illegal inhabitant as many departments employees, who had taken golden handshake, are still residing in these flats illegally.