LAHORE - Supporting creation of new province comprising Hazara Division, Senior Vice President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Ijaz Chaudhry has said that the local people were committed to the movement that would definitely lead to logical end. Speaking at The Nation Forum here on Thursday, he said that creation of Hazara province would pave way for establishment of many new administrative units in the country. Martyrdom of 10 people and bullet injuries to over 100 has given a life line to the movement which would stop only after creation of Hazara province. President Zardari used the word Pakhtonkhawa in 2008, which showed that the PPP was committed with the ANP on the issue of renaming of the province. Attitude of the PML-N is a question mark. Nawaz Sharif and his party has betrayed Hazara people, Ijaz Chaudhry said, adding, the entire province should have been taken into confidence and referendum was the best option. He said that even now referendum should be carried out to develop consensus over the renaming of the province. More new provinces should be created purely on administrative grounds and not on linguistic or ethnic basis, he said, adding, that the PTI has clearly supported creation of new provinces on administrative grounds in its manifesto. Referring to the 18th constitutional amendment, the PTI leader said that the Parliament has exceeded its limits by establishing Judicial Commission for appointment of judges in the superior courts. He said that administration should have no role in appointment of judges. He said that the Apex Court has the right to interpret the constitution. Stressing upon the rulers to raise a voice against Indian water aggression at world forums, he said that the neighboring country was bent upon turning Pakistan into a desert. India has constructed a number of dams in Kashmir to damage Pakistan. India is now constructing a dam near Siachin to stop water of Indus River. Quaid-e-Azam has rightly termed Kashmir a lifeline of Pakistan but it is a pity that even those doing politics on his name have put the core issue into back burner, he said. Referring to hours long load shedding in every nook and corner of the country and the government action plan to control the menace, Ijaz Chaudhry said that the rulers were only giving impression that they were serious to resolve the problem. He said that the rulers were brutally torturing the peaceful people who come out on roads to protest against load shedding. He said that the PML-N was part of the game. He said that the situation would worsen with the increase in demand of electricity in coming days. Stressing upon the rulers to devise homegrown indigenous polices and come out of the so-called US war on terror, he said that the super power was directly meddling in the affairs of the country. Ijaz Chaudhry said that he was not seeing mid term elections as there was no opposition in the parliament. Terming the government move of carrying out investigation of Benazir Bhutto assassination case through the UN as wastage of time and money, he demanded registration of case and fair and transparent investigation. He said that if President Zardari were having knowledge about the culprits, he (Zardari) should bring them to justice.