LAHORE The Punjab government is committed to promoting football and other sports activities all over the country, said Chairperson Punjab Chief Ministers Task Force on the Promotion of Sports Niva Usman Umar during her visit to the Model Town Football Academy. She said that Pakistan was once world beaters in various sports but over the years, the standard of sports in Pakistan had gone down, there was an urgent need to take effective steps to revive the position. We have to work from grass root level with long and short term Youth Development Program and both these categories are available at the MTFA. Punjab government will soon run Khadim-e-Aala U-12 football events for government school in glittering MTFA setting, followed by the same for private schools. There will also be constant monitoring of the sports programs and players training to have an extended players pool of 8 to 12 years of age, she said. The countrys sports sector would shortly start reviving as the Task Force has actively initiated functioning and is taking effective steps in this regard. The Prime Minister has formed the aforesaid task force under his headship and sub-committees would also be formed to deal with various sports issues. Having represented Pakistan at the national and international levels as an athlete, Niva addressed the parents of the MTFA kids about how they should encourage their children to take part in sporting events and how important it is for children to be physically as well as mentally active. She was accompanied by 800 metre runner of LA 1984 and Seoul Olympics 1988 Dr Messaq Rizvi, now working for Shapes Health Studio.