LAHORE - Eminent lawyer Dr Farooq Hassan had said controversy of Judicial Commission can be best dealt with by the judiciary. Addressing a press conference here on Thursday Dr Hassan made an impartial comparison of the statements given by Barrister Eitzaz Ehsan and the counterblast by senior advocate Muhammad Akram Shaikh on Article 175 of the Constitution which has been amended to the effect of seeking appointment of judges to the superior judiciary through a judicial commission and a parliamentary committee. He said Mr Akram had moved the court to challenge the 18th Amendment when it in fact had not seen the sun. Hence this petition was premature in that context. As to the statement of Mr Aitzaz fearing clash between judiciary and the parliament if the former went to strike down the amendment, he said, the statement appears more out of political sentiments that Aitzaz expressed for the sake of promoting reconciliation and consensus on national affairs. As to the jurisdiction of the SC, he said it is beyond doubt that the SC is empowered to interpret the provision of the constitution and declare the same invalid if it does not meet the fundamental principles of the constitution. In his view, the statements made on the amended Article 175 can be the dealt with by the judiciary as a case using its utmost sagacity and wisdom. As such the statement of the said two lawyers appears more of their personal opinions rather than reflecting any panic situation in the country over the same.