TAIPEI (AFP) - Taiwan said Thursday that unemployment in March fell to a 14-month-low of 5.67 percent due to a decline in business closures and layoffs as the economy recovers. The figure, down from Februarys 5.76 percent, was the lowest since January 5.31 percent seen in 2009, the directorate-general of budget, accounting and statistics said. The number of jobless people totalled 624,000, down 10,000 from the previous month, the agency said. On a seasonally adjusted basis, the March jobless rate came in at 5.64 percent, down from 5.65 percent in February, it said. Taiwans jobless rate hit a record high of 6.13 percent in August but has been improving as the islands export-dependent economy emerged from the recession earlier this year. Premier Wu Den-yih has offered to resign if he fails to push unemployment below five percent by the end of this year, as his government hopes to sign a major trade pact with China, which he says will boost growth and jobs.