NORTH WAZIRISTAN AGE-NCY - US predators fired a barrage of missiles in North Waziristan Agency, close to the Afghan border on Friday, killing at least 25 people including civilians. Sources said five missiles hit a house in Spinwam village of North Waziristan, adding that the attack was the worst as five children and three women were believed to be among the dead. Local people said the death toll might rise as some people were still trapped under the debris of the ruined compound. The residents of the area rejected the US claim that the missiles targeted the militants. They said all those killed in the drone attacks were innocent people. The drone strikes have long been a source of tension between the US and Pakistan. Pak Army and political leadership have always condemned the missile attacks. They want America to limit the strikes and provide them prior information regarding the attack. But several US officials in Islamabad and Washington have said that the CIAs drone campaign would continue regardless of Pakistans objections. Pakistan is also demanding the US to hand over the drone technology so that it could target the militant hideouts in the tribal areas. It bears mentioning here that on March 17, US predator fired several missiles on a tribal Jirga in which 45 innocent people were killed and several others injured. The Friday attack was 20th drone strike in the ongoing year of 2011. Agencies: Two US pilotless aircraft fired five missiles into a house in North Waziristan. The pilotless aircraft targeted two compounds in Spinwam. The drones launched two successive attacks. In the first strike they fired two missiles and in the second they released three more, a military official in the area said. Military officials in Peshawar said the death toll had risen to 23, with women and children among the dead. Another official said the rest of the dead were insurgents, but there was no report of any high value target and their nationalities were unknown. The missiles hit a house and a nearby guest house in Hasan Khel town in Spinwam area, another official said, adding that the two buildings belong to a tribesman supporter of local Taliban leader Gul Bahadur. Local security and administration officials in Miranshah gave a higher toll of 25 dead, including five women and four children. Fridays strike comes a day after Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani told the US militarys top officer, Adm Mike Mullen, that drone strikes complicated Pakistans national war against the militants. It also comes amid a deepening rift between the US and Pakistan. On Wednesday Adm Mullen accused Pakistans spy agency of having links with militants targeting troops in Afghanistan. The strikes inflame anti-US feeling, which is already running high after the January killing of two Pakistani men in Lahore by CIA official Raymond Davis. Cricketer turned politician Imran Khan has announced he will hold a mass protest in Peshawar on Sunday against the drone campaign.