NICOSIA (AFP) - More than 70 people were killed on Friday by security forces who fired on anti-regime demonstrators across Syria, according to a new toll reported by activists and human rights groups. The Syrian security forces committed massacres in several towns and regions today, so far killing 72 people and wounding hundreds, said the London-based Syrian Human Rights Committee in a statement received by AFP. Several Syrian rights activists also published provisional lists recording the deaths of more than 70 people across the country on Friday. Earlier, witnesses and activists reported at least 38 people killed in one of the bloodiest days since pro-democracy protests erupted in Syria in mid-March. Ammar Qurabi, chairman of the Syrian National Human Rights Organisation, spoke to AFP of 49 deaths and 20 people reported missing. Rights activists and groups reported 15 killed at Ezreh in Daraa province south of the capital, hub of the anti-regime protests that erupted on March 15. They also reported 15 killed in the city of Homs in central Syria. They said another 30 people were killed in areas near Damascus, and said the rest of the victims were killed in other towns. The official SANA news agency spoke of eight dead and 20 wounded including members of the security forces in an attack by armed criminals in Ezreh, and two policemen killed and 11 wounded in Homs and Damascus by armed groups. Thousands of protesters swarmed the mainly Kurdish city of Qamishli in northeastern Syria and Banias in the north and the protest hub of Daraa, in the south, with demonstrators calling for the fall of the regime. Protesters in Zabadani, northwest of Damascus, called for Assads regime to stand down and also chanted slogans hostile to key Syria allies Iran and Hezbollah.