PESHAWAR - Khyber Pakhtu-nkhwa Government announced to set up 'replica of the 'Central Higher Education Commission (HEC) in the province, while the KP Assembly passed Friday the provincial Public Service Commission (PSC) amendment bill 2011, containing amendments to the laws and regulations. Concluding general discussion on HEC, provincial Minister for Higher Education Qazi Asad told the House that a body on the pattern of HEC would be set up in the province that would be run on the vision and model given by Dr Ata-ur-Rehman, the former chairman of HEC. He said a search committee would be appointed to yield merit-based inductions in the commission. He lamented that as against the average 5.1 per cent of GDP allocated for the promotion of education across the world wherein the same was ranging 6.5 per cent in India, only 1.4 per cent of GDP was spent on education in Pakistan. There are able enough and talented personalities to run the affairs of the newly formed higher education commission at the provincial level in an appropriate way, he observed. The provincial government has allocated Rs 240 million in lieu of scholarships programs during the current fiscal year, Qazi Asad told the house, adding that funds would be allocated for the promotion of higher education in future as well. He dispelled the impression that it would cast negative impacts on higher education if the HEC was dissolved at the central level. Earlier, the provincial assembly passed the Public Service Commission (PSC) amendment bill 2011, which along with containing amendments to the laws and regulations about the commission also curtailed the tenure of its members from five to three years of service period. Speaking on a point of order Akram Khan Durrani, leader of the opposition in the provincial assembly, raised the issue of closure of mobile services in district Bannu as well as none reinstatement of the employees of Cooperative Bank wherein under the decision taken by the provincial government, the General Manager and certain higher officials of the bank have been re-employed, which was causing anxiety among the lower staffers that were still waiting their re-appointment in the bank. KP Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain said that the chief minister took notice of the closure of mobile services in district Bannu and after getting the necessary information from the relevant authorities in this regard, cellular services would be made functional in the area. He said the sacked employees of Cooperative Bank would be reinstated through a certain process, which was underway currently. Responding to the call attention notice of PML-N Parliamentary leader Pir Sabir Shah, in which he protested against the alleged habeas corpus of an FC personnel that was on duty with a former Inspector General of Police, Mian Iftikhar said that they were in contact with the Federal Government as the FC personnel was discharging duty from the side of the central government and the latter replied for extending two-day in this regard to probe the matter. Pir Sabir Shah said that stationed at Kohistan in 194 F.C. platoons, Constable Nasir Shah son of Faqir Shah was missing for the last 20 days. The father of the F.C personnel when contacted the former IGP about missing of his son, with whom the constable was on duty, was told that he was arrested in a theft case. PML-N leader further said that neither FIR has been lodged in the concerned police station in this regard nor police was ready to tell about the whereabouts of the 'missing F.C personnel and added that perhaps he might have been kept in habeas corpus but whatever might be the situation, at least his parents should be informed. The provincial assembly also transacted several points of order by the members of the assembly during its session on Friday. PML-N MPA Abdus Sattar Khan told the house on point of order that the government of Gilgit-Baltistan has compensated all the affectees of Basha-Diamer Water Dam while affectees in district Kohistan that comes under the jurisdiction of KPK were not given a penny in this regard. ANP MPA Saqibullah Chamkani urged for bringing in a resolution at the assembly floor regarding the boundary commission formed during Musharraf regime about Basha-Diamer Water Dam as according to him it was not in favour of the province. Provincial minister for Revenue, Syed Murid Kazim said that the issue of compensation of affectees of Basha-Diamer dam would be tried to solve during a meeting of the Senior Members Board of Revenue after Monday. Certain questions pertaining to the health issues including non-payment of salaries to the employees of Ayub Medical Complex for several months were also raised on the assembly floor on point of order, however, in the absence of the provincial health minister these were delayed to the answered. The Speaker of the provincial assembly Kiramatullah Khan, while adjourning the proceeding of the assembly till Monday afternoon, directed that the health minister should ensure his presence in the coming proceeding of the assembly.