KARACHI - All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) has urged the government to resolve logistics issues and non-tariff barriers with the Indian government in the upcoming trade talks while developing road network for transhipment of cement to India ensuring additional cement exports of over $500 million. A spokesman of APCMA said that Pakistan is already exporting cement to India through sea and train but the plants located in the northern part of Pakistan (where the bulk of cement is produced) cannot export by Sea due to high inland freight whereas limited capacity of train allow limited exports. Moreover, train movement involves double loading/ unloading and storage requirement at Lahore which allows only limited quantity transportation thereby restricting the exports to India, he added. He said that India is already importing clinker and gypsum from Pakistan by road through trucks; therefore cement can also be exported similarly. Exporting cement by road is feasible for Pakistani exporters as well as for the Indian buyers in bordering provinces as they will get higher quality cement at much cheaper rates, he added. In fact, India has built a special loop/corridor on their roads to facilitate transport of heavy goods laid in vehicle which our government is also requested to do. APCMA spokesman said that obtaining quality certification from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a major issue for Pakistani exporters as BIS issues licenses for a year or maximally two years to the exporters after visiting the factory premises and carrying out lab tests.