It has been observed that whenever the ruling party is in trouble due to its own failure to steer the ship of state in troubled waters it tends to embark some discarded politicians on the ship to help stabilize the ship. This becomes counter productive as the free boarders have their own axe to grind. It is therefore suggested to appoint a council of elders from our seventy year old professionals from various fields like lawyers, economists, scientists, doctors, engineers, army, police, journalists and ex-civil servants with non political backgrounds. This council can be entrusted with giving sound advice to political Government to follow positive and productive policies in national interest. Only in this manner we would be able to make sound plans for national development based on unbiased professional basis rather than party oriented slogans that achieve little except inciting counter slogans to confuse the masses that are entangled in myriad problems of their very existence. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, April 22.