Unfortunately, the country seems to be sinking inch by inch in a stormy ocean of corruption. Every common Pakistani is extremely nervous about the very survival of the motherland. Everybody complains about corruption and wants to eliminate it, but the truth is that every individual actually wants others to be fully honest but does not want to reform themselves. The emphasis is on delivering sermons to others or demanding strict action against others rather than examining the causes of corruption and starting with self-rectification. The demand for fighting corruption has become a political and social weapon which the rival political parties use against each other. The Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) have declared a crusade against corruption but its sole target is the Pakistan Peoples Party led federal government. Fact is that all Pakistani parties are engaged in corruption. The sources of corruption are political, bureaucratic and societal. Successive governments have been using state patronage and resources to attain their political considerations. They have been exploiting their official position or links to enhance their perks, make money by using their discretionary powers and use official facilities for their private affairs. The corruption of the bureaucrats, however, is more difficult to detect. We also see corruption at social level. Individuals like shopkeepers, businessmen and others providing services to others, engage in corrupt practices of all kinds and use of unfair practices by non-officials in day-to-day affairs. The common corrupt practices include food adulteration, spurious medicines, fake documents and degrees dishonesty in quality, quantity and weight of sold goods, not fully honoring business commitments on time and bribing officials to cover up illegal practices or use of public property for personal advantage. In Pakistan corruption and deceit start at the level of common people and goes up to the high corridors of political and bureaucratic power. We need to work together for evolving credible and all-embracing strategies rather than using the demand for promoting honesty and fair play as an instrument in the ongoing power struggle between political parties. SABA BALOCH, April 20.